• SLSV Staff

    Clarissa Unger


    Marissa Corrente

    Deputy Director

    Eddy Zerbe

    Special Projects Director

    Kathryn Quintin

    Partnerships Manager

    Maddie Wolf

    Social Designer

    Zoë Williamson

    Coalition Coordinator

  • Executive Committee

    Teresa Acuña

    Associate Director, Democratic Governance Program. Ash Center, Harvard Kennedy School

    Mike Dean

    Executive Director, LeadMN

    Joy Fulkerson

    Director, Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement, East Tennessee State University

    Lizette Mata

    Deputy Secretary of State, State of California

  • Advisory Board

    Luis Sierra

    Towson University

    Alex Dennis

    East Carolina University

    Carmen Linero Lopez

    Feminist Majority Foundation

    Soji Akomolafe

    Norfolk State University

    Carah Ong Whaley

    James Madison Center for Civic Engagement, James Madison University

    Adam Gismondi

    Institute for Democracy & Higher Education, Tisch College, Tufts University

    Chuck Black

    Campus Vote Project

    Kyle Southern

    Young Invincibles

    Ryan Drysdale

    ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge

    Manny Rin

    Student PIRGs

    Hannah Pate

    Forward Montana Foundation

    Charlie Bonner

    MOVE Texas

    Cyrus Commissariat

    Arizona State University

    Tanya Schwarz

    American Political Science Association

    Harrison Carter

    Bowling Green State University