• A Day for Democracy

    National Voter Registration Day

    September 22, 2020

    “We believe that our democracy is stronger when more people participate in it - especially students.”


    National Voter Registration Day is a day of civic unity and Campus Takeover is an effort on this day to mobilize students nationwide to register to vote, creating celebratory environments around voting, and fostering a culture of civic engagement on their college campuses.

  • The Campus Takeover program is co-led by the Alliance for Youth Organizing and the National Conference on Citizenship’s Students Learn Students Vote Coalition. The two organizations lead the Campus Takeover efforts to share resources, build community, and support those who are hosting National Voter Registration Day activities on college and university campuses.


    This is an opportunity for your organization, office, and/or campus to be opt-in to the larger conversation on how to foster a culture of civic engagement on your campus and community around you. Whether this is your first time participating or your fifth time, you should opt-in so you can be in the know of what’s going on across the country on one of the best days to celebrate democracy.

    We are proud to build on our work from previous years to make this the biggest Campus Takeover event yet. Last year, we had more than 550 campuses celebrate NVRD with us and we are expecting many more this year!


    Of course, we are thinking through how we can continue to support our partners while we learn what our campuses may look like this September. Whether we are operating in-person, online, or a combination of the two, Campus Takeover will provide the support to ensure the success of your NVRD event.


    Right now, we are listening to our partners’ concerns and updates to learn how we can best help you all in September. As we learn more, we will consider adjustments to our plans so partners can still have a huge impact on September 22nd. We’re looking at special webinars and toolkits on digital outreach strategies for local groups, requesting absentee mail-in ballots, and more.


    Democracy can, will, and must go on despite the trying circumstances we’re seeing now. Our goals for this year’s NVRD remain lofty and our purpose remains clear. And we feel fortunate to have so many of you right there alongside us.


    For more information, visit NVRD’s official statement here.



    When you opt-in to the Campus Takeover progam

    Campus Takeover Toolkit

    How to Create Successful National Voter Registration Day Events at Colleges and Universities (New version coming soon!)

    Stay tuned as we finish updating our toolkit to reflect your feedback and current challenges. Our toolkit will serve as a step-by-step guide to planning and executing a successful voter registration event on your campus. This toolkit will offer guidance while keeping in mind that each campus is unique and may have different needs.


    • Campus Takeover Toolkit
    • Social media shareables
    • Communications Toolkit



    • One-to-One support from Alliance and the Students Learn Students Vote staff
    • Bi-Weekly resource and tip sharing emails
    • Mini Grant Opportunities



    • Connection to others working on National Voter Registration on the same campus
    • Bi-weekly partner meetings
    • Twitter Chats
  • Register your National Voter Registration Day Event Here!

    If you are planning on having a National Voter Registration Day event on a college campus, make sure that you register to be an official partner. Signing up to be an official partner of Campus Takeover and National Voter Registration Day will give you access to additional support, stickers, posters, and other materials - all for free!


    Alliance for Youth Organizing (Alliance) is a nation-wide network of local, youth-led organizations working to build the political power of young people across the nation through community based issue advocacy and robust civic engagement work. For more than seven years as a network, the Alliance has mobilized hundreds of thousands of young voters, advanced issues like Automatic Voter Registration, founded national holidays like National Voter Registration Day, trained thousands of young leaders, and engaged millions of young people in elections up and down the ballot.

    The Students Learn Students Vote Coalition

    The Students Learn Students Vote (SLSV) Coalition is a group of over 350 non-partisan organizations, college and university faculty members, campus administrators, and local election officials nationwide dedicated to increasing voter engagement on college campuses. SLSV believes in the importance of incorporating democratic engagement into campus life and work to identify best practices for institutions of higher education around voter registration, voter education, ballot access, and voter mobilization.